Go on a photographic tour of Pac Bell Park!
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Street Sign in front of park. Click here to go on the tour.

Newest Photos!

Photos From March 29th, 2000: The Giants' Open House
Photos From The 1st Game Ever: 3/31/2000 Exhibition vs. Brewers

Photos From Inside of Pac Bell Park, taken March 4th, 2000

A sign: Leading to Willie Mays Gate, and seats
Me, in front of a door: Leading to Lower Box seats
Me, in front of home plate: The field and scoreboard are behind me, really!
Me, in the Field Club Lounge: Just inside the main entrance to the park.
Another shot of the lonnge, without me: Looks pretty nice
A shot of the ticket booth: On King Street

My photos of Pac Bell Park, taken 8/21/99

View from Third St.: At corner of King St.
View from King St.: Near the 2nd St. corner
View from King St.: Looking up at light standard
Looking down King St.: From 3rd St. to 2nd St.
View from the corner of 2nd and King Streets: Looking up
View from 2nd and King Streets: A different angle
View from 2nd Street: Lots of work still to be done...
View of the upper deck: Down the right field line
View of right field seats: ...and a little more
View from 2nd Street: Wide angle shot
Different angle: From 2nd Street
Close-up view: Right field seats
View of where left field seats will be...: I think
View from 3rd Street: At corner of King St.
View from King Street: Looking over the chain link fence

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On February 5th, and again on March 4th, 
I was able to venture inside Pac Bell Park. 
On February 5th, my fiancée and I visited the park. 
We walked in from left field, and down the line to the Giants dugout.
The Giants dugout is now on the 3rd base side. 
It was always on the 1st base side at the 'Stick. 
The park was looking very nice.
There was no grass yet, but you could see the outline of the infield,
and the pitcher's mound. The giant Coke bottle could be seen as we
looked towards leftfield, most of the seats were in place, and the
dugout looked very roomy. 

On March 4th, I went alone. This time, I entered from the seats near
homeplate, and looked out at the field. The grass was in place, and
it looked very nice. I also went into Willie Mays Plaza (the main
entrance to the park)and the Field Club Lounge. It was not complete yet, but
looking good so far. I had my camera this time, and the photos are above. 
Too bad it was so dark.

I toured the park again on April 23rd, and have now posted the photos.
These include the visitor's dugout, indoor batting cage, and view from the press box. 
Click on the photo at the top of the page to see them.

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