(A poem for the girl I love)

Darling, oh how I love thee
Your smile brightens my day
You are more lovely
Than mere words can say

You are my sunshine
On the grayest of days
For this I love you
In so many ways

Thine eyes, how they twinkle
Thy teeth, how they shine
Oh, how I wish
That you were all mine

Not a thing that exists
Could ever compare
With the way that I love you
The way that I care

There is no other
But you for me
My love will live on
For eternity

You are more beautiful
Than the most beautiful sunset
And you, my loved one,
I will never forget

For you my love grows
My sweet, sweet honey
"Cause you're pretty as a rose
And cute as a bunny

If only I had you
As my very own girl
Than I would be sitting
On top of the world

I lie awake at night
Thinking of you
When I wake in the morning,
I think of you too

My thoughts are of you
All night and all day
Awake and asleep
At work and at play

I've got so much love
So much love to give
If I can't give it to you
I've no reason to live

I'll love you forever
Until the end
But if you won't be my lover
Will you at least be my friend?



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