For so long
it seemed I would never find you.
Heartache after heartache,
the pain I lived through.

Filled with desperation,
hardly able to cope.
I was hanging by a thread
at the end of my rope.

Then you came along,
and made everything right.
As we danced in the dark
and you held me so tight.

You gave my life meaning,
purpose, and direction.
And you gave me
your undying affection.

I'd given up on love,
but you changed my mind
And I'll be loving you
'Til the end of all time.

My life is going great now,
and as real as it may seem,
It's too good to be true
so I know it's just a dream.

I want to be with you forever
I never want to break up.
So please don't ever pinch me
'cause I don't want to wake up.

by Ramon Vera 1985

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