When we can't be together,
You're always with me in my heart.
But there are times when we're together
That I feel we're worlds apart.

Sometimes I can't get through to you,
Our signals just get crossed.
Sometimes I feel I'm losing you,
Sometimes I just feel lost.

Sometimes you're not home,
And I feel so all alone
I want to hold you,
But you're not there.

Sometimes I don't know
Why I can't let my feelings show.
Why can't I show you
Just how much I care?

I'm not the perfect husband,
Don't want a perfect wife.
I just want someone to love me,
Someone to share my life.

You're the reason that I'm livin',
You've brought me so much joy.
With all the love you've given,
And our little girl and boy.

Sometimes I feel bad
Because I've made you mad
By not doing things 
You want me to.

But I'll tell you this,
I can't live without your kiss
It's not just 'sometimes',
I 'all the time' love you.

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