How is it that I can feel so deeply
for someone I've never met?
Sometimes I feel so close to you
But you're so very far away.
If I can't touch your body,
I hope I can at least touch your heart.
For you have touched my heart
in a very special way.
It seems that fate brought us together.
I was so alone until I found you.
Now, whenever I think of you,
I can't help but smile.
During the day, my thoughts often turn to you.
The night time, which once was so lonely,
I now eagerly await.
Our nightly conversations
Are the highlight of my day.
I long for the day
when I can touch you, hold you,
feel your warm body next to mine.
I want to see your lovely smile
just before I taste the sweetness of your kiss.
I want to walk with you along the beach.
I want to see the sunlight in your hair,
and the moonlight in your eyes.
I want to treat you the way
you should be treated.
With all the respect, affection, 
and tenderness you deserve.
I am patiently waiting for you.
Because I know in my heart
you are more than worth the wait.

1997 rmv

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