Looking through my window 
to the past,
I can see your smile,
hear your laughter,
taste your sweet kiss
upon my lips.

Remembering all the 
things we shared.
The secrets we divulged.
The joy, the pain,
the little things
that meant so much.

I think of all the words
which should have
remained unspoken,
and all the words 
I should have said,
but never did.

But none of it matters
I've lost you, and it hurts.
It hurts like hell.
I thought this dream
would never end.

Looking to the future,
I hope you
find what you're looking for.
Before I go,
I'd like to ask
one thing of you...

Look up at the sky from
time to time
and, please, think of me, 'cause
I'll be looking 
at the same sky
thinking of you.

1997 rmv

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