My darling, I love you.
You once told me
the feeling is mutual.

I sometimes find this
hard to believe.
Why won't you go out with me?

You're afraid of losing my friendship.
Because you think we'd break up
And that would change the way we feel.

I don't know what makes you think
we'd break up.
I love you and I always will. Nothing can change that.

Is it that you're not sure
of your love for me?
I find that hard to believe.

As well as you know me (which is better than anyone else 
And as much as we've been through,
You still say you love me. That would have to be a very 
strong love.

Please Reconsider.
I love you. I want you. I need you.
I will always need you. I will always want you. I will 
always love you.

1982 rmv

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