Candlestick Tour

The view from 101 North
110 kb
View from Gate A
161 kb
Parking lot and bay
103 kb
Barry Bonds' locker
108 kb
J.T. Snow's locker
100 kb
Tunnel to dugout
105 kb
Dugout (left side)
128 kb
Dugout (right side)
51 kb
View from 1st base
139 kb
View from right field
72 kb
View from rf, upper deck
171 kb
View from left field
121 kb
View from 3rd base
140 kb
The crowd
104 kb
Will swinging
67 kb
Giants shower
113 kb
Door to 49er clubhouse
77 kb
Steve Young's locker
96 kb
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The view from right field.

View from right field

This photo was taken from my seats, in the...
Family Pavilion

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